What is the Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method?

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Helical Piles or Screw piles are becoming a popular choice to lay the foundation in any construction. You can search helical piles Arlington , VA. You will see that this process is becoming a preference as it is less damaging. And, it creates a strong foundation.

What are Helical Piles

A helical pile or screw pile is a foundation framework with helical bearing plates (known as screw helices) connected to a shaft. The load of the structure of the building is moved through the piles to the ground and onto these helices.

The helical pile is made of steel that is either a round pile like a pole or like a shaft. It is galvanized to avoid corrosion. Then the pile is attached to the shaft by the welding process. Finally, the screw pile or helical pile is screwed under the earth and is attached to the foundation with a bracket.

According to site work contractors Fairfax , helical piles are usually extruded from steel and are available in a wide variety of diameters and gauges. They are used for various types of construction projects.

What is the Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method?

In the Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method, the screw piles, popularly known as helical piles or foundation anchors are screwed into the soil beneath the building’s foundation. These screws are further installed at multiple depths until it reaches stable soil. The engineers start the underpinning method only after testing the quality of the soil to maximize its results and prolong the building’s support.

Top reasons why professional contractors opt for helical pile foundation method easy to install

One of the perks of opting for the helical pile foundation method is that it is easy to install and requires minimal specialization. Since helical piles can be drilled at the rate of 10 feet every five minutes, it is also a less time-consuming procedure.

  • Cost-effective

Another reason why contractors opt for this procedure is that helical piles can be manufactured at a reasonable price as compared to their counterparts. In fact, site work contractors Mclean, conforms that they also require minimal maintenance and can be reused for the foundation of other sites. This means that with the helical pile foundation underpinning method, contractors can make the most out of their investment.

  • Efficient 

According to the site work contractors Arlington, helical piles possess a wide range of load-bearing capacity, making them the best choice for the underpinning method. In fact, helical piles are even estimated to bear up to 500 tons of weight.

To conclude

The Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning method is undoubtedly the best choice for the contractors and the advantages listed above can support the argument to the fullest. So, consult the professionals at Rock Hard Excavating to get in-depth insights on the method.

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