Sewer Repair and Installation

Whether replacing old pipes or installing for new builds, residential or commercial, call Rock Hard Excavation.We offer sewer repair and installation in Northern Virginia. We follow all codes in place for any municipality. All safety measures and precautions are set in place every step of the way.

Replacing old pipes is not the same as installing a new sewer system, although some rules apply to both. Replacing old pipes begins with a system already planned out. A sewer system for a new build requires planning. If the plans for the old system are not available, we use a Sewer Camera System to see the layout and prepare for excavation. This way there is no unnecessary disturbance to the property. Before installing new pipes, we excavate the trench with the least amount of disturbance, carefully remove old pipes and hardware, and prepare the ground for the new pipes. Now, if you do not know what you are doing, this could lead to costly mistakes that could affect the main line or the neighbors. That is why permission to connect, permits, and inspections must be completed first by Licensed Master Plumbers in most all jurisdictions, if exceptions exist.

The steps to laying pipe or installing a new sewer system for new builds require important steps that are standard but can be varied based on the size of the project, or whether it is residential or commercial. The plan includes marking the alignment which includes marking the lateral and the tap connection. Before excavation, we determine the elevation and the slope. These calculations and measurements are especially important.

Rock Hard Excavation has special equipment that helps us calculate and measure accurately. If the elevation is not accurate, it could affect basements or even freezing pipe damage. The slope is a priority because it determines how the waste flows using gravity. If the steep is inaccurate, it can cause backflow. If it is too steep, it can cause the liquid to flow too fast and separate from solids. This can cause the solids to move too slow and eventually clog the system. It is complicated but we are fully equipped to make it flow as it should for the health of the pipes.

Once this is determined, we can dig the trench. We never leave a trench open without safety measures. We always mark the trench and cover it to make sure there are no accidental falls if someone is crossing the property. We timber the sides to make sure it does not cave in and pump out any water that may have come up. Depending on the ground, we lay down a bedding layer before laying the pipes. This stabilizes the pipes and keeps them from sagging or even breaking over time.

The pipes are installed one section at a time, in a specific direction, according to code. For instance, the bell end should face uphill to avoid leaks. Rock Hard Excavations uses only approved material and pipes according to the code of the municipality that controls the main line. We include at least one or two cleanouts close to the building for easy access, as per code. All connections are angled for easy flow. When joining pipes, we avoid sharp turns or make provisions if they cannot be avoided.

After the pipes are completely laid and tested for straightness, obstructions, and flow, Backfilling begins. We use Sewer Cameras Inspections to observe and Descaling or Hydro Jetting to clear any obstructions. Once we get the okay, we backfill one layer at a time. Some may think we just dump the dirt back in, but it is a carefully orchestrated process. We even include a warning marker to protect the pipes during future excavation.

Installing New Sewer Systems is more than digging a hole and connecting pipes. It is an intricate process that requires the knowledge and expertise of trained, experienced, Licensed Master Plumbers. If you are considering sewer repair and installation, repairing old pipes or installing a New Sewer System for your new build, contact Rock Hard Excavation. We have what you need, and we always work in an efficient, safe, and timely manner.

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