Pipe Descaling

Descaling is the process of removing rust and deposits from the inside of pipes.

Scaling is when deposits form inside pipes over time. It is most common in cast iron pipes and other metal pipes but can be found in any pipe. Most often the buildup is caused by mineral deposits in water, especially in outgoing, sewer, pipes. Scale deposits can cause water flow problems and eventually, cracks.

We use Sewer Camera Inspections to see exactly where the buildup has accumulated and to determine which process will work best.

Depending on how bad the scaling is, the type of pipes, and the integrity of the pipes, we use one of three common methods of Descaling – Pipe Scrubbing, Chemicals, or Hydro Jetting.

  • Pipe Scrubbing uses specialized equipment which consists of an abrasive attached to a rotating cable to scrub the deposits out.
  • Hydro Jetting is the most aggressive and uses a high-pressure water system to flush out rust and deposits. It is used with the thickest scaling. Hydro Jetting is not used with weaker pipes.
  • Chemicals, not available to the general public, are used to dissolve deposits and rust. This is generally used when there is nothing else in the pipes.

Our effort is to avoid replacing pipes that can be cleaned and save our customers expensive replacement costs. Descaling can add years to pipes, increase water flow and avoid unnecessary damage to repair or replace plumbing and sewer systems. We clean deposits completely out of pipes to make sure they don’t interfere with water flow later. We recommend regular descaling – every five years – to keep pipes healthy.

Our goal is to save our customers money in the short term and long term. Our services are professional and we work in an efficient and timely manner. Contact us at (703) 742-5444 for a free estimate or click the link below to get more information.

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