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Are you looking for sewer cap off services? Look no further than Rockhard Excavating. Our team is well versed in the steps and regulations involved with demolitioning a structure. A lateral is the line that runs from a residential or commercial building to the city line. When a structure is to be disconnected from the main sewer system, this line must be plugged or capped off from the main line. Prior to demolition of a structure, this must be done.

Before any demolition project, a Sewer Cap Off permit must be obtained and approved. The Cap Off may need to be inspected before the demolition is approved. As professionals, we understand the need for professional Sewer Cap Off services and the importance of doing it right.

There are two main reasons to Cap Off a sewer system- this is where sewer cap off services come into play.

  1. If a structure is to be built on that spot, the plumbing system needs to be intact. A Cap Off will keep anything from getting in or out of the system during demolition. It protects the sewer system under the property.
  2. The second reason a Sewer Cap off is important is health and safety.No unsanitary waste can come out of the pipes. An error in this can cause sewage to seep into the water system and cause contamination of the main water lines, not to mention the stench of sewage during the project.

Once the permit is obtained, we must confirm the exact location of your sewer system. We use a high-tech video system to track the sewer line and pinpoint the best location for Cap Off. We get as close to the property line as possible. It is important not to damage the main sewage line. The property owner is liable for any repairs if the main line is damaged. This is why it is so important to use professionals like Rock Hard Excavation. We take diligent care to know exactly where to Cap Off and protect both the property sewer line and the main sewer line. This can be a very tricky situation. You can count on our expertise to save you unnecessary expenses.

Once we pinpoint the right spot to Cap Off, we dig and cap the line. If the lateral sewer line is made of plastic, we use specialized glue and an approved cap made of the exact same material as the pipes. If the lateral sewer line is made of any other material, the line is plugged with non-shrink cement grout or sealed with concrete. The Cap Off is evaluated to make sure nothing can get in or out.

The Cap Off can be permanent or temporary. If the sewer system will be used later, the Cap Off can be sawn off and new pipe added to the system. It is necessary to use a standpipe so that it’s easy to find it again for future use.

At Rock Hard Excavation, we understand the importance of protecting our clients and their property from unnecessary problems and expenses. We always use professionals, and we work in an efficient and timely manner. Call today to learn how we can handle your sewer cap off project.

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