Sewer Disconnect Service

When a sewer line is no longer needed, it is disconnected from the main sewer line. Although this is mainly requested before a demolition job or removal, it may also be necessary before a major renovation to protect the main line from damage. Sewer Disconnect Service requires a permit and must be done by a licensed plumber. Not all plumbers are qualified or prepared to perform this service. Rock Hard Excavation has licensed plumbers who are experienced and equipped to perform these services in a safe, timely, and efficient manner.

Delays in this disconnect process could mean delays in your demolition or renovation project. We always keep this in mind. We coordinate permits, inspections, and work processes to ensure our clients remain on schedule and on budget. After obtaining the necessary permits and inspections, we use Sewer Camera technology to evaluate the pipes to see if they can be reactivated post renovation or new build.

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When doing a major renovation, it is necessary to evaluate pipes for post-renovation use. We repair and/or replace damaged pipes. We use Pipe Descaling or Hydro Jetting to clean and clear pipes, if requested by owner. This is to prepare pipes for reactivating. This can be done as part of the renovation process. Once pipes are prepared, we cap off the lateral – sewer pipes leading to main sewer line – as close to the property boundary as appropriate. This protects our client’s sewer system and the main line from dust and debris. We also reconnect sewer systems after renovations are complete, even if we did not do the Disconnect.

When preparing a system for a new build, there are other issues to keep in mind. We can use the same process as above unless the old system will not work for the new build. Sometimes an old sewer system may not be usable for newer or larger rebuilds. The pitch and size of the pipe must be evaluated for the next project. New buildings may have deeper basements or need larger sewer lines. If necessary, we can deconstruct or permanently disable an old sewer system. We also replace old systems with appropriate New Sewer Systems.

Sewer Disconnect is a carefully orchestrated process and must be done by licensed plumbers. At Rock Hard Excavation, we comply with the appropriate Plumbing Regulations and Standards guidelines for Sewer Disconnection. Before we dig the line, we use high-tech equipment to make sure we are digging where we are supposed to. As professionals, we know exactly where to cap off or plug a sewer lateral and what material is best to use for our client’s system.

Whether it is for a residential home or commercial property, we make sure the sewer lines are properly disconnected. Our plumbers are always professional and polite. Your timeline and budget are important to us, so efficiency is a priority. We protect your property as well as the main line. We make sure all ordinances are met, concerning your sewer line, before renovations or demolition begin. We protect you.

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