Helical Piles

Helical piles are installed in advance to the predetermined (design) as weight-bearing strata, done by rotating the steel shafts with the torque motor. Multiple steel sections are connected via a bolted connection creating the Helical piles. According to the depth, the number of steel sections can be added to complete the total pile depth. Rock Hard Excavating can coordinate and handle site clearing services, demolition, and excavation services for any project, including the removal and disposal of hazardous materials. We also can complete site prep, land clearing, and grading. We have 2 generations of project experience.

We have a huge knowledge and experience to offer and successfully deliver the optimum solution. Static load testing can be done to monitor and confirm performance and that the required settlement criteria are met.

Advantages of Rock Hard Excavating helical pile contractors:

  • Permanent or temporary applications
  • Removable using the same equipment and method reducing environmental impact
  • Reusable so a sustainable product
  • Can be loaded instantly, reducing program time and cost
  • Can be installed in all weather conditions
  • No spoil
  • Can be installed in contaminated soils
  • Can be installed in most soil conditions
  • No noise or vibration during installation

Helical piles are able to restrain a range of different axial, uplift, and shear forces, although these are solely dependent on the soil conditions present at the site. Most are installed between 10 to 25 feet below the soil but it may increase due to various reasons. Trust only the best helical pile for the safety of your home and office.

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