Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting is a form of Descaling. It is a powerful method of cleaning the inside walls of pipes using a water pressure system. It cleans anything that gets stuck or builds up in pipes, including scale, food, grease, hair clogs, and some tree roots. The process uses water only – no chemicals.

Hydro Jetting is much more comprehensive than other methods of cleaning pipes, including snaking. Professionals must do it, and misuse of this system can cause pipes to burst and untold damages and expenses. We are licensed and experienced plumbers and service providers that can control any water pressure, by knowing how much pressure is needed, where and how to enter pipes, and the ability of the pipes to withstand the pressure. Old or weak pipes are not suitable for Hydro Jetting.

Before beginning the process, our plumbers use a Sewer Camera Inspection report to locate and evaluate any buildup in the pipes. Once the best access points are located, the hoses are placed in, and the process begins. The hoses move through the system as the water pressure removes deposits from the walls of the pipes. It uses both forward and reverse jets to loosen and remove deposits. It is an amazing process.

The pressure can get as high as 4000 psi, which is why it is so important that an experienced plumber is in control of the process. Once the deposits are dislodged, the debris flows safely out of your plumbing system.

Although mostly used on commercial properties, it can be used for private homes.
Hydro Jetting is not only beneficial in thoroughly cleaning your plumbing systems, but it also helps prevent future clogs and blockages.

Hydro Jetting is a safe and efficient system if done right. At Rock Hard Excavation, we take all precautions to protect your pipes and your property. We use only experienced professionals and calibrated equipment. We always work efficiently and in a timely manner. Contact us now for a quote on our Hydro Jetting services (703) 742-5444 for a free estimate or click the link below to get more information.

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