Sewer Reconnect Service

A Sewer Disconnect is done when a residential or commercial sewer system is disconnected from the main municipal line. Sewer Disconnect and Cap Off keeps anything from entering or exiting the sewer system when moving or demolishing a structure or during major renovations. This process can be reversed, and the sewer can be reconnected to the municipal sanitary sewer line.

Sewer Reconnect can only be done by licensed plumbers. All plumbers are not qualified to do Sewer Reconnects. Rock Hard Excavation only uses licensed, professional, experienced plumbers. They are trained from the beginning of the process to the end. They understand all ordinances, protocols, and best practices. It begins with getting permission from the municipality (or private sewer line owner) to join the sewer system.

Any time there are changes to a public sewer system, whether Disconnect or Reconnect, there must be permissions, permits, and inspections. So, the first thing needed to be done before reconnecting is get permission from the municipality to join the line and submit permits. All necessary permits must be completed.

Once this is complete, disconnects done for renovation projects are likely just a matter of cutting off capped area and adding pipe to extend to the main line. Before doing so, Rock Hard Excavation will use Sewer Cameras to inspect the pipes and make sure they are in working order. If the pipes are in working shape, we repair or replace damaged pipes. After the Reconnect, pipes are cleared of any obstructions using Descaling or Hydro Jetting, as appropriate.

When a demolished structure is replaced with a new or different structure, it can be more complicated. First, we must locate the old sewer system. We have high-tech equipment to help us with locating the lateral. If necessary, we contact the municipality for sewer records. Once we confirm the point of connection, excavation begins. We locate the Cap or plug and saw it off. Using proper piping, coupling, and materials, we Reconnect the sewer line to the main line. Before a structure is built, the sewer system has been checked for its ability to accommodate the new structure. We check the pipes for damage or probable future problems and remedy the situation before it causes unnecessary cost in the future. We clean and clear the pipes using Descaling or Hydro Jetting as needed.

Rock Hard Excavation takes care of excavation, backfill, and all clean up. Before backfilling, the sewer system is thoroughly tested. We comply with all ordinances and rules set by the municipality in charge.

We work with foul (wastewater) sewer systems, surface (storm water) sewer systems, combined systems (same pipes used for both wastewater and storm drain), and commercial building sewer systems. If the sewer system does not work for a proposed structure, we can build, or rebuild, a new sewer system.

You can trust Rock Hard Excavation to take care of your sewer needs. We always work in a professional and timely manner. Our plumbers are not only licensed, but they are well trained and experienced. We leave nothing to chance.

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