Rock Hard Excavating- Your Environment Sensitive Land Clearing Partner

Land Clearing Contractor

Rock Hard Excavating is an Environmental Sensitive Land Clearing Contractor in Arlington Fairfax and Mclean; it is a 2nd generation company that has been taking care of your demolition, excavation, roll-off, hauling land, and site clearing needs since 1977.

Rock Hard Excavating provides a comprehensive range of professional and technological land-clearing services in Arlington. With our skilled and experienced debris removal workforce and technology, we offer services such as site development, site clearing, stormwater management, and underground utilities.

We handle a project on its merit and provide step-by-step solutions to meet the desired result. With expertise in site preparation and land clearing methodology, Rock Hard Excavating ensures unhindered site development. Your construction, demolition, land, and site-clearing project become more environmentally friendly and efficient with us.

Our Land Clearing and Site Clearing Services include:

Demolition and Excavating Services: These include house demolition, concrete foundation, driveway removal, commercial demolition, swimming pool demo, contaminated soil (lead, petroleum, hard metals, etc.), and debris piles.

Helical Piles Installation: It reduces environmental impact and is reusable and sustainable.

Site Utility: With water and sanitary sewer as the key components, we provide an array of public utility services that includes water services, fire hydrant, sanitary sewer facilities, and stormwater structures with storage facilities.

Stormwater Management Solutions:  We provide an extensive and comprehensive solution of stormwater restoration, sewer and sanitary treatment, and water and bio-retention.

If you are still struggling to decide, get a free quote from us to make the right decision. Contact our team today.

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