Rock Hard Excavating Contractor Specializes In Sitework Construction

Excavating Contractor

Any kind of construction, especially buildings, involves many related works other than the final physical structure. Multiple jobs including grading, excavation, construction, and other utilities, etc. are involved. These are called site works. Every site work is equally important to the construction.

What Are Different Site Works? 

There are different types of projects, involving different materials to excavate. A construction site may need to excavate debris, soft loamy soils, hardpan, rocky soils, frozen soils, or even bedrock. Hire an excavation contractor who has the experience and right equipment for your project. Soft soil excavation and stone excavation are two very different things. Special tools are necessary for these excavation works and other site works during construction, also known as “ground engaging” tools.

Site Preparation Services: Excavating 

Excavating for a construction site includes different site preparation services. Site preparation also involves rough and finish grading, compacting, underground utility installation and repair, concrete demolition, debris removal, septic tank installation, and other repair work. Among the most critical parts of any construction project is site development or site preparation. The foundation and structural integrity of any project depend greatly on the quality of work put into developing the land. Therefore, you must choose the contractor correctly. Hiring just an excavation contractor is not enough.

Rock Hard Excavating is a site work contractor , providing specialized services as excavation contractors , demolition contractors throughout Virginia. We also provide land clearing services.

Demolition Contractor in Virginia

Demolition contractors are often generalized but require much attention as well. Every demolition project is unique and it takes years of experience and equipment to do each job. You may hire a demolition contractor for House demolition, Concrete foundations, Driveway removal, Commercial Demolition, Swimming Pool demo, Contaminated soil (lead, petroleum, hard metals, etc.) , or Debris piles . Rock Hard Excavation has been a demolition contractor for 2 generations.

Sitework Clearing Services:

Land clearing services are important for any construction site to maintain a healthy workflow. Before the construction, land clearing services help to prep the site. It may also be required during the construction. Specialized trucks, Bulldozers, Stump Grinders, Mulchers, Brush Mowers, Brush Grubbers, etc. are some of the equipment for the job. The exact equipment used depends on the size of the lot, type of soil, moisture levels, environmental concerns, and more. A professional land clearing company , like Rock Hard Excavating , owns the right tools no matter what the job you have at hand.

Site Work Services in Virginia—Rock Hard Excavating

Rock Hard Excavating is a family-owned 2nd generation business, specializing in Demolition, Excavation, Rolloff/Hauling services, including site development, site clearing, stormwater management, and underground utilities . We also offer full-service sewer construction through a combination of self-performance and key subcontracting.

Our aim is to handle your project with professionalism, and safety. We value our customer satisfaction and work towards building a long-lasting relationship with our clients and customers. If you have questions regarding a commercial demolition or a residential one or planning a construction, Rock Hard Excavating has all the answers. Contact us today!

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