Advantages of Hiring Rock Hard Excavating Helical Pile Contractors

helical pile installation services

Rock Hard Excavating is a family-run, second-generation company specializing in demolition, excavation, and roll-off/hauling services, including site development, clearing, stormwater management, and underground utility management. Both residential and commercial general contractors are among our clients. We also hold expertise in helical piles. We are entrusted to be professional and one of the most skilled helical piles contractors in Arlington , Mclean, Fairfax, and other locations.

What is Helical Pile, and What do they do?

Helical Piles are a crucial component of underground construction technology that invisibly holds buildings and bridges in place. Helical piles (also known as screw piles, helical piers, helical anchors, etc.) are embedded deeply underground, just like traditional pile foundations, to distribute the tremendous weight that rests on top of them. A helical pile’s function offers foundational support for buildings of different shapes and sizes. A platform is built using numerous piles, which can then support a building, a bridge, or any number of other substantial constructions.

Now, such a job must be done with utmost precision, and only experts can execute the process professionally. Rock Hard Excavating has been providing helical pile installation services for a long time! Our team has extensive experience and knowledge about the latest technology and tools when it comes to the helical pile. Rock Hard Excavating has executed and successfully completed multiple fortune projects as a professional construction services company . Hence, we are considered one of the most efficient helical piles contractors in Mclean, Fairfax, Arlington, and other locations.

Why Rock Hard as Helical Pile Contractors?

Rock Hard Excavating can plan and manage site clearing, demolition, helical pile installation, and excavation services for any project, including removing and disposing of hazardous items. Additionally, we are capable of finishing land clearance, grading, and site preparation. Based on our quality work and the benefits of our services, we have become a trusted helical piles contractor in Arlington , Fairfax, Mclean, and other locations. Still skeptical? Scroll down!

  • Applications, both permanent and temporary.
  • We are utilizing the same tools and techniques to remove which lowers the influence on the environment.
  • The products are reusable. Hence, sustainable.
  • It can load immediately, reducing the time and money a program takes to run.
  • Suitable to install in all types of weather.
  • Potential to be installed in contaminated soils.
  • It can be installed in most types of soils.
  • Vibration and noiseless installation.

The range of axial, uplift and shear pressures that helical piles can resist depends entirely on the soil conditions at the construction site. The majority are installed between 10 and 25 feet below the surface. However, this distance may rise for a variety of reasons. For the security of your house and place of business, rely solely on the most significant helical pile contractors in Arlington, McLean, and Fairfax. Contact us now!

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