Tips for Reducing and Managing Waste On Commercial Properties

Tips for Reducing and Managing Waste On Commercial Properties

Waste is produced by all commercial enterprises, including restaurants, property management companies, corporate offices, and hospitals. Though, multiple industrial demolition companies are working according to the safety and cleanliness standards. As a result, it is now crucial to think about waste management and reduction on business sites.

Commercial demolition contractors are implementing waste reduction and management strategies at all organizational levels and across all assets to “become green.”

The following are the top six suggestions for minimizing trash production on commercial properties. Any expert industrial demolition company will agree on these tips to be effective!

Form a Task Force

If a waste management team or task force does not already exist, creating one is the first step in decreasing waste on your commercial property. The company’s waste tracking system should be implemented, and the waste management task force should set short- and long-term trash reduction and management targets. Most expert commercial demolition contractors have a skilled team. They plan to reduce the waste in commercial buildings.


Commercial companies need to decrease all of their waste before trying to manage it better. This work is not as challenging as it seems now that you are tracking trash.

To prevent overuse of the materials, print all relevant materials on both sides of the page and buy less paper, or go digital. Rather than printing and disseminating the information, use social media or digital communication to communicate and convey it.


The next stage is to start reusing what you can after you’ve begun to decrease your commercial trash. Not only will plastic waste be avoided by giving employees reusable water bottles and bags, but you’ll also gain (practically) free advertising!

Donating old goods or perishable meals to regional groups is another fantastic approach to manage waste through reuse. It’s cost-free and environmentally friendly, and your business could be able to assist a neighbor in need. Numerous neighborhood food banks or medical facilities will even pick up the supplies. Many industrial demolition companies offer the same services.


Use your newly established waste management task force to put in place a paper and plastic recycling program for the entire property.

Composting is a form of recycling. Start a composting program if your commercial enterprise produces a lot of surplus garbage from raw materials. Just keep in mind to maintain uniformity in the placement and color of recycling and compost containers across the entire site.

Tons of waste is kept out of landfills each year because of recycling. It is crucial to the process of developing new, practical materials. It improves the sustainability of your commercial property and helps you save money and energy.

Offer Incentive and Encourage

Encourage staff members on the property or within the business to participate in these new waste management programs through incentives. Start a recycling campaign with incentives like coffee gift cards or an extended lunch break for the property that collects the most recyclables.

Each month, departments can compete to see which one can produce the least amount of non-recyclable or compostable garbage. How will you find out which division was the “winner”? You can quickly identify where the least and most waste is coming from now that you are keeping track of your waste levels.

Hire Commercial Demolition Contractors

If your company produces a lot of waste, you might wish to engage local industrial demolition companies. With the help of commercial demolition contractors, you can ensure that all of your trash is disposed of responsibly.

Additionally, self-service rubbish collection is dangerous. You risk hurting yourself more if you manage the waste removal yourself. Pathogens and other toxins in your trash will worsen the situation.

Rock Hard Excavating is one of the best industrial demolition companies. They are well-equipped with all the tools and equipment. Their experienced and skilled team offers the best waste management services for residential and industrial properties. So, leave the waste collection to the professionals to help create a safe and healthy environment.

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